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Finding after-school care… impossible!

Finding after-school care was a nightmare…

And my kids were technically old enough to stay home alone.

But I was worried.

Worried that they’d fight the entire time.

That they’d not get their homework and chores done.

That something would happen…

And I wouldn’t be there to fix it.

But, I was teaching the home alone course. And knew that the things I was teaching other kids would help mine too.

They all took the course and loved it! (Even with mom as a teacher!)

And we started developing micro-routines for them to follow while I was working.

They gained confidence (fought less, got their homework done, and learned how to handle situations on their own.)

I had peace of mind. 

Now that they’re older, those routines still keep us on track. 

They help the household run smoother…

Whether I’m home – or not. 

I’ve taught hundreds of kids those same confidence building skills. 

I’d like to invite you to enroll your child in the Stay Safe! course.

It’s the first step to a safer and more confident home alone experience.