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Babysitting & Stay Safe! Courses

We help youth prepare to handle every day and emergency situations

that come up when they’re alone or caring for others.

Home Alone/ Stay Safe! Course Info/Registration

After working with hundreds of young people, we’ve discovered their #1 fear when staying home alone.

It’s the thing kids mention every. single. class.

(It’s a real fear, and it does happen…)


when we show kids how to handle emergency situations they feel:


Confident spending time home alone

Less fearful

The Stay Safe! program, is the first step towards independence. It will help you and your child navigate those next steps with greater confidence.

During the course we’ll address their #1 fear

and all these other topics… (read more)

so the next time you need to step out of the house for a bit

you feel confident leaving your child home


Babysitting Course Info/Registration