You’re Parenting Style is…

The Nurturer

You’re stable, selfless, patient, and calm. You strive for peaceful relationships and environments and will put others’ needs before their own in order to achieve this.

You tend to avoid conflict because it causes intense stress that you then internalize. However, you create a strong sense of security and grounding for their children and are very committed and loyal to their families.

On the flip side, because you dislike change, you tend to be stubborn and may be seen as inflexible.

How to make the most of your time as a nurturer parent…

  1. [communication] conflict management – when you get stressed you get stubborn and internalize your feelings and communication shuts down – telling you to worry less is not helpful however learning a few conflict resolution strategies will help keep communication open and help you avoid saying things you don’t mean when you’re stressed

  • [independence] You may give of yourself to the point that you no longer take time for your own wants and needs. Try to balance this. stop doing so much for them – it’s time for them to take on a few responsibilities of their own.
  • “Read ‘Boundaries with Kids,’ by Cloud and Townsend. Think of the future spouse when you are tempted to do everything for them.” – WD

  1. [routines] “Recognize that your child’s style is probably different than your own. Allow him/her to operate in their style. Give them freedom to fail.”  – help them take on some responsibilities – you’ll feel better when you with boundaries when you’ve got routines in place – easier to let go as the standard is set. make the decision once

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