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Onboarding for the Teen Years

What if the teen years could be good?

There’s a lot to learn before thirteen, and often it’s not until eleven that parents start to stare the upcoming teenage years in the face and panic.

  • What if they succumb to peer pressure and something bad happens?
  • What if they’re unmotivated and their grades suffer?
  • What if they make choices that adversely affect their future?

You’ll miss the opportunity of the tween years if you spend it worrying about the teen years.

You’ll need to change your parenting style.

When my youngest turned eight it finally sunk in that we were headed to the teen years. It was a stage I was looking forward to but knew that the tween years would impact the teen years. And they have. They allowed us to start figuring out how to start letting go and become more proactive parents.

Prioritize Your Relationship

Regardless of where you are in the tween year continuum, building a strong relationship starts with better communication.

During those tween years, your kids are still interested in what you have to say. But, take time to listen. You’ll discover what the world looks like through their eyes. You’ll see their personality develop as they talk through their thoughts. Consider it a privilege to coach and guide them as they start to explore their interests in new ways.

No More Forgotten Middle

Before you’re ready to think of them growing up they’re ready to start spreading their wings. Help them learn to fly. Onboarding starts at eight.